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The following are suggested outlines for your term paper:
Introduction (Problem statement. What? Why? How?)
Literature Review (Review of the extant literature on the subject, Why? How? Find a Hole; Look for Debates).
Research Design (Methods applied to obtain materials for your paper, How? Research Procedures, kind of data.)
Research Findings –evidence of the importance
Discussion of Research Findings (analysis of issue/problem)
Conclusions – Implications of Study/Research Findings for policy/solving of a real-life problem; Importance; Contributions
The following are good sources for data for your term paper: (The University Library will be your best place to start your inquiry.
1. Refereed Academic/ Professional Journals
2. Books published by Academic Presses
3. Magazines or Newspapers that are highly regarded
4. The Mainstream Popular Press
5. Internet sources (etc.).