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This question describes a situation where software is required to support the operation of a new product developed by a start-up. The start-up is developing equipment that it will sell to households. This equipment will enable people who do repair or installation work in and around their homes, to be more effective. The start-up has just been granted a patent for their first product. This will be a replacement for both short and tall ladders. Their first product will be a drone, light enough to worn as a back-pack, with computer control for navigation and stability. This will be used as a ladder replacement, for access inside houses and buildings. 

The control software for the drone will need to:

maintain stability, 

support navigation 

and avoid collisions.

In Chapter 2 we learned about sourcing software. Propose sourcing for the software to control this drone. You can consider the sourcing alternatives as sourcing the entire control system or acquiring the three components: stability maintenance, navigation, collision avoidance separately and having these integrated, either in-house or by a supplier.

Note that this device will be controlled by the wearer, so there is need for automation to detect and avoid obstacles. 


What are the lowest cost and lowest risk alternatives that should be considered? You can consider sourcing by operating function (stability, navigation and collision avoidance) or for the total operating system. Discuss these alternatives.

Proposed Solution

Identify proposed software sourcing, either by operating function (stability, navigation and collision avoidance) or for the total operating range, with explanations. You should search the Web for COTS or Open Source opportunities for software acquisition and identify potential software that could be used.

Remember acquisition is lower cost than new development.