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complete a short paper of
6pages minimum, which will include:
1 Title Page and 1 Reference Page, using APA 7th edition format and style.
Part I of the paper is a literature review on a topic selected, using 5 recent scientific articles on the topic. (2 -3 pages).
Part II of the paper,
describe how a similar period (to the topic in their own life) influenced them; and relate the topic (if possible) to student’s current work, accomplishments and projected career goals; (this part Im going to explain directly to the person selected for the assignment) (1 page).
Concluding thoughts. (1/2 page.) The paper
will be graded in terms of APA style, 7th Edition, grammatical correctness and spelling, content, and theoretical/empirical usefulness.

I provide a chapter to have another source, but also follow the instruction prodided