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Based on course concepts and components of the PESTELE analysis, answering the following

questions. What do you think San Diego County is doing right in attracting new business and

what can San Diego County improve upon to increase its competitiveness to attract new

business? ” This is to be a 500-word opinion paper. Note not all factors in the PESTELE model

need to be used in the paper. Just select factors that you think are important.

Formatting Requirements

Approximately 500 words


Include a cover page with the following: a descriptive title (not just “Report”), author’s name,

class and section numbers, and date of submission

Use business-appropriate fonts and margin

Insert page numbers (except for cover page which should NOT be numbered)

Use headings/sub-headings as necessary

Due to the short format, there is no need for a table of contents and/or executive summary

Cite references using APA style