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Individual Assignment #2 – Word/PDF Analytic Memo (Cabot Pharmaceuticals) ($100) – Here you will have two pages to craft a short report (I call it an “Analytic Memo”) which critically assesses the Cabot Pharmaceuticals case.  The last line of this case reads:  “…how could this possibly happen to someone like Bob Marsh in a company like Cabot?”  When you read this case and understand this complex situation, you’ll have a new appreciation for this quote and its multiple meanings. The assignment is due on November 11 by 11:59 PM in Canvas.

For this individual assignment, assume that you have been hired as a Sales and Marketing consultant to the President of Cabot Pharmaceuticals (give your Consulting Firm a name).  Doing whatever analysis, you deem appropriate, recommend a comprehensive plan of action to the President, Cabot Pharmaceuticals.  Focus your analysis and recommendations: (i) not only on the “crises” at hand related to Bob Marsh, but (ii) also on constructively assessing Cabot’s sales management system and policies so that it is best positioned for the future.  Also, although the case makes it fairly clear that Marsh’s time at Cabot is up and he cannot be re-hired, the President of Cabot in hiring you as a consultant has made it clear that you can recommend whatever you deem best and most defensible concerning Marsh (including rehiring him).  Cabot management anxiously awaits your report.  Also consider integrating the two articles for this week (The Nagging Problem of the Plateaued Salesperson, and Career Stages) into your analysis as they are highly germane to the Cabot case.  The document in Word or PDF format is to be submitted in CANVAS. This is an individual assignment, so each student has to submit a report.

Attached are the grading criteria for the assignment, plus the student evaluation form and lastly the article for the assignment.

***No plagiarizing***