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Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Assess various nutrition assessment tools and strategies.
  • Analyze the benefits of various nutrition assessment tools and strategies.

Course outcomes assessed in this Assignment:

NS499-2: Evaluate an individual’s nutritional status using appropriate clinical assessment strategies and interpret food science information appropriate to consumer needs.


  • In this Assignment, you will be building on your Unit 1 Assignment. For this Assignment, you need to complete the following:
    • Create a case study individual who is among your chosen study population. Include the individual’s age, race, height, weight, BMI, and demographics.
    • Describe what a typical day’s worth of meals and snacks for this individual would include (what they actually eat before they have had any nutrition counseling).
    • Indicate and describe in detail what nutrition assessment tools you would use to evaluate the overall health and nutritional health of the case study individual.
    • focus on Nutrition in Middle Childhood and Adolescence