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Use books and (or) reliable Internet Sources.
APA Format, please.
Thoroughly discuss future trends in law enforcement as they relate to:
Administration and management
Training and education.
What do you foresee as future challenges and issues in Law Enforcement?
If you were the police commissioner/chief of the Atlanta Police Department, what five issues would you tackle first?
How do you think law enforcement should address the whole “Defund the Police Issue?”
What current areas in law enforcement need to be upgraded and supported?
How does an officer’s personal values influence the way he/she enforces the law?
Why do minorities view police more negatively than white Americans do?
In general, how do citizens view the police and how do the police view citizens? How do variables such as age, gender, socioeconomic class, and race affect these attitudes?
What are police-community relations, and how can the police best achieve a positive relationship with various elements within the jurisdiction it serves?
What changes do you think the future will bring to the area of law enforcement?