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  1. Complete the Support Planning Chart that is attach here. It is on the last page of the case study, but a Support Planning Chart word is here for your convenience. Please be thorough and reflective in your answers. 
  2. Write a Behavioral Support Plan using all the material gathered throughout the course for the child in your chosen case study,  This is a summary of how best to respond to the child’s behaviors demonstrating supportive measures that could be used to prevent, replace behaviors with stronger social and emotional skills. This plan needs to include a thorough description of the following sections:
    • The Problem (The purpose of the behavior)
    • Things to Do All the Time (These strategies will assist child in meeting the demands of difficult activities and social interactions)
    • Short Term Prevention Strategies (There strategies are used prior to situations that usually evoke the challenging behavior)
    • Replacement Skills (These are the new skills that will replace the use of the challenging behavior)
    • Responses to When Challenging Behavior Occurs (These responses will not reinforce the challenging behavior)
    • Responses to When the Replacement Skills are Used (These responses will reinforce the use of the new skills used to replace the challenging behavior)