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 What are some benefits of evidence-based decision making to human resource management? How important is data to evidence-based decision making? Does human resource management present unique challenges to capturing the needed data? Explain.

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Overview of Approaches to Obtain Data

Historical Background

Evidence-Based Decision Making

  • Onley, D. (2019). How leaders can make better decisionsHR Magazine, 64(3), 1.
    • Discusses the importance of open mindedness in effective business decisions.
  • Ward, D. (2017). Data-driven HRHR Magazine, 62(9), 14–15.
    • Covers the benefits of data-driven HR.

HR Analytics and Metrics

  • Sousa, M. J. (2018). HR analytics models for effective decision-makingProceedings of the European Conference on Management, Leadership & Governance, 256–263.
    • A very nice summary and explanation of HR analytics for decision making. Distinguishes between HR analytics and HR metrics.