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What are the two most common ideological frameworks in the United States? B) I want you to lay out your own ideology. What issues do you care about and what should we be doing about them and why? What political values most strongly influence your position on issues? Discuss at least four issues that are important to you and why.

1) Is government necessary? Defend your answer. There are many forms of government we covered in class. Which do you think gets things done the quickest? The slowest? We talked about how fragile our rights are. It’s hard to amend the Constitution but easy to discount it. Why is it so important for you to respect and protect the rights given you by the Constitution?

Using the Declaration of Independence as a model, write a break-up letter from Obi-Wan Kenobi to Anakin using the information about their relationship that you gained by watching Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith. I expect you to have lots of details regarding their relationship in the letter. Remember, like we said in class, the Declaration of Independence has three parts: an introduction, a list of all the things the King/Great Britain did wrong, and then a conclusion. You can Google it if needs be or use the back of the book I wrote to see. Model your Star Wars declaration off of the actual document. This is designed to put you in the Founding Fathers’ shoes as much as possible so you see their logic in what they did.