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WHAT?: Bosnian War – An international armed conflict from 1992-1995 between Bosnia & Herzegovina
Topic question : Why did the U.S get involved in the Bosnian crisis? Describe the U.S. role in the crisis. Describe U.S. national interest. How did they contribute? how successful has the Dayton Peace agreement been as present day.
Submit the following in the Dropbox for your Foreign Policy Decision Analysis paper. It will count as 50 per cent of the final paper. So, make sure to follow these requirements :
State the FP Decision you will analyze. It must be a decision taken by any US Administration that had some significance for American national interest.
Identify no fewer than five well researched papers that address the specific decision you will write about.
Write a concise paragraph that summarizes each of the articles.
Prepare an outline for the paper.
It should state what each part of the paper will discuss.
State the framework of your paper: Are you describing the Decision making process and the actors involved in reaching the decision? Are you Evaluating the options the Decision makers considered and how they finally came to the decision?
Are you Assessing the consequences of the decision?, etc, etc.
5. Be sure to discuss the national interest of the United States that is served by the FP Decision you are studying.