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Word limit: 1500 words
Topic: Recycling revisited
Readings related to topic has been attached.
Clearly mark your name, the name of your tutor, and the topic
of your plan for action on the cover page of your report
Use A4 paper.
All assessments should be word processed.
All assessments must be page numbered.
All sources must be properly referenced, including page references where relevant, using the Harvard Author/Date system. See subject Moodle site for full details.
Assessments must be laid out in 1.5 line spacing (minimum) or in double spacing.
Use one style of font consistently throughout the assignment.
12 to 14 point fonts for headings, 11 to 12 point fonts for text, 10 point fonts for
endnotes/ bibliographies.
Leave a margin of no less than 3 cm to allow for markers’ comments.