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1- Missed Revision History

2-Table of contents:   

As stated before:

• Each one of these entries should be in the same style.

• When submitting corrections, make your edit with Track Changes on, and leave my comments in place.

3-Definition, Acronyms, and Abbreviation


We’re half-way there in this area. You’ve got the user actions, but this should be divided up into what the rider does, what the system does, and what the driver does. The transaction doesn’t stop here. As a part of this transaction, the system needs to notify the driver of the ride.

Remember that there are 3 components in this area: What the user(s) do, what the system does, and either a picture or a description of the interface.  Your programming and QA team can’t afford to guess what you have in mind. We need still more detail.

Within the flows, the steps need to be numbered or lettered, both for QA purposes, but also for exception purposes. Exceptions pick up at the first deviation number (or letter). There are almost always exception cases, such as (1) user cancels partway through the process or (2) no ride available.

Some of these cases have tables, and some don’t. It’s hard to tell where one use case starts and one ends. Reformat like this to make this clear:

• Number and Title

• Description

• Preconditions (if any)

• Primary flow, as a table

• Any alternate flows, as similar tables

• Post-conditions, if any

Remember that each transaction must be complete.

5-    Interactions:  display the screen for each action between.