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You will have to write an essay about the impacts of COVID-19 in the USA.
I attached 3 articles and you have to use them, I already took the points that you can use them but you need to paraphrase them first then include them on the essay, I attached them under( notes 22). although i wrote the points but i did not include many important things that was written in the articels, so you will have to read them carefully. You can use other academic articles. And for each info that you used from any of those articles you will need to include the in text citation, this is so important and my instructor put many points on text citations. This essay most have direct theses statement for example COVID-19 has many impacts on the USA including the economy, mantel health, and environment.
And direct Topic Sentence like: People’s mental health is greatly affected by COVID-19.
Also my instructor told me that I can paraphrase the numbers as well like 24
% (almost 25
% or one quarter).
This essay must be MLA with works cited.