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How well do you know your future role in advance practice?


The elevator door opens; you step on and find yourself face to face with a known skeptical colleague, who inquires “what are you doing in your profession”? It’s your chance to share, define and possible persuade this person about your chosen role of nursing in advance practice. You have 10 floors, roughly 90 seconds to make an impression. Draft an “Elevator Speech” (approximately 300 words) reflecting the conversation about your future role in your program of study.  In three detailed paragraphs, address why you have chosen this role (your passion) and define steps to ascertain the role including certification criteria and how the role will impact patient outcomes (how you will make a difference).

Support your work with evidence based research. For example, in conversation you tell the person A recent study by Taylor in 2016 showed that NPs were efficient as MDs at treating primary care problems. (Reference at the end)


  • Type of paperEssay (Any Type)
  • SubjectReligion and Theology
  • Number of pages3
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  • Type of serviceWriting

Your assignment is to attend a worship service of a religious group other than your own. Ideally, if you are a Christian, for example, attend a Jewish synagogue, a Buddhist temple, or a Muslim mosque. If that is not possible, then you should choose a religious tradition completely different from your own: if you are Baptist, go to a Catholic or Episcopal service; if you are Lutheran, go to a Pentecostal or Baptist service. What about a Jehovah′s Witness service or Seventh Day Adventist service? Try to get out of your comfort zone. After attending the service, simply write about your experience. Make sure you describe the place of worship, the ritual actions you observe, and the ethical appeals that you hear. What is your reaction to these features? How do they differ from those which you are accustomed to seeing? Your paper should be written in MLA style (double spaced, 12 point font) and be at least 2 full pages in length (about 800 words).