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Your Research Project is due this week. It must consist of:
1. 5 sources annotated bibliography
2. slide presentation with 12 or more slides
3. Summary or Abstract containing at least 750 words.
The topic must be appropriate for the graduate level. Find a topic that we covered in the course and dig deeper or find something that will help you in your work or in a subject area of interest related to the course topic.
These are the covered topics:
Week One | Introductions and the CIA Triad
Week Two | Virtualization
Week Three | Types of Clouds
Week Four | Service Delivery Models
Week Five | Organizational Security and Privacy
Week Six | Risk Analysis
Week Seven | Benefits and Drawbacks
Week Eight | Identity and Access Management
Week Nine | Regulatory Compliance
Week Ten | Auditing | October 26th
Week Eleven | Failover and Disaster Recovery
Week Twelve | Security as a Service